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Experience the Full Potential of Gen AI with Cohere Models on Oracle

Experience the Full Potential of Gen AI with Cohere Models on Oracle


Cohere models are now available through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI service. This new service enables Oracle customers to easily add generative AI capabilities to their applications and workflows in a secure environment. 

The news was announced at Oracle CloudWorld, where Cohere’s CEO and Co-Founder, Aidan Gomez, took the main stage alongside Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Aidan also joined Juan Loaiza, EVP of Mission Critical Database Technologies at Oracle, on stage during his keynote presentation The Future of Data and App Development.

Aidan Gomez, Cohere’s CEO and Co-founder, is pictured alongside Juan Loaiza, EVP of Mission Critical Database Technologies at Oracle, during a keynote presentation addressing The Future of Data and App Development at Oracle CloudWorld.

With OCI Generative AI, you can access Cohere’s generative and representative AI models through the OCI console or a simple API call. You can also customize these models with your own data to optimize for your specific use cases. 

Cohere’s Models Power the OCI Generative AI service 

Through this partnership, Oracle customers will have access to Cohere’s latest AI models, optimized for business use. With the Command model, users can generate text based on instructions or prompts. They’re designed to meet varying requirements for performance, latency, and cost. 

The Embed model is great for transforming text into a set of numbers that represents the meaning of the text, and then mapping them to a vector space. You can use this powerful tool  to build semantic search and retrieval systems, text classification, and clustering.

Summarization is a capability that runs on top of Cohere's Command model. All you have to do is input the text you want to summarize, such as a news article or blog post, and define parameters, such as length or format. Cohere’s Summarize endpoint then analyzes it and produces a summary, all of which can be done at scale. 

Both Cohere and Oracle understand the importance of building applications within secure environments, and we both take data privacy seriously. OCI Generative AI is designed to provide customers with a private and secure experience. No customer data is shared with Cohere or other customers; custom models trained on your data remain exclusively accessible to your business. 

The video below demonstrates the OCI playground in action, where you can try the Cohere models out of the box or fine-tune them to create your own custom models.

Generative AI Coming to Oracle Apps and Solutions 

Oracle plans to embed generative AI from Cohere into its Fusion, NetSuite, and vertical software-as-a-service (SaaS) portfolio to create solutions that immediately provide organizations with the full power of generative AI. Across industries, Oracle can provide native, generative AI-based features to help organizations automate key business functions, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences. 

For example, in healthcare, Oracle Cerner manages billions of electronic health records (EHRs). Using anonymized data, Oracle can create generative models adapted to the healthcare domain that can perform a range of tasks, such as automatically generating a patient discharge summary or a medical insurance authorization letter.

If your business needs to customize the models to perform a specific industry task or to use a specific knowledge domain, you can fine-tune the Cohere models to meet your needs. Fine-tuning allows you to customize the models without having to train a model from scratch, which requires extensive computation resources and a large amount of data. You can read more about fine-tuning in OCI Generative AI Finetuning.

We are excited to be working closely with Oracle and bringing our models and technology to Oracle's customers. You can learn more about OCI Generative AI services, currently in Beta, by watching Oracle’s product tour video. If you have any more questions about OCI Generative AI, get in touch with us at

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