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LLM University Teaches You How to Deploy Large Language Models

LLM University Teaches You How to Deploy Large Language Models


In May 2023, Cohere launched LLM University, a learning resource with a comprehensive NLP curriculum that teaches everything from the fundamentals of LLMs all the way up to advanced topics, including generative AI and model prompting. Since then, my fellow instructors, Jay Alammar and Meor Amer, and I have been very pleased with LLMU’s reception, with hundreds of thousands of views, lots of wonderful positive feedback, and a very active student community on Discord.

At Cohere, we never stop learning and we never stop building. That’s why we are now launching a new module for LLM University that covers the deployment of large language models to several platforms, including AWS SageMaker!

New Deployment Curriculum

Once you’ve learned how to build, train, and use large language models in LLMU’s previous modules, we’d next like to teach you how to deploy these models to your favorite platforms. Whether the deployment is as a user interface, an endpoint, or an extension, our material can help you learn how to do it.

The Deployment module consists of six chapters, including:

  1. Deploying with Streamlit
  2. Deploying with Databutton
  3. Deploying with AWS SageMaker
  4. Deploying with FastAPI
  5. Deploying on Google Sheets with Google Apps Script
  6. Deploying on Chrome as a Chrome Extension

Each chapter contains coding labs that include all the code you need to get your LLM-powered applications up and running.

Ready to Dive In?

Don’t hesitate — start exploring the new LLMU module today. And if you haven’t yet done so, check out the original curriculum as well, and embark on an exciting learning journey with us!

Join Our LLMU Community

If you’d like to go through the course material with other enthusiasts, join our Discord LLMU Community! For specific questions regarding LLMU, please visit our #llmu-announcements channel on Discord where you can connect with fellow learners, share ideas, and receive support.

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