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Cohere Announces Next Generation Enterprise AI Productivity Platform Coral


AI knowledge assistant designed to fundamentally change how enterprises leverage LLMs & their proprietary data to significantly improve productivity

Today, leading enterprise AI provider Cohere is announcing Coral, a comprehensive generative AI enterprise knowledge assistant designed to fundamentally improve how companies do business. Coral was specifically developed to help knowledge workers across industries receive responses to requests specific to their sectors, based on their proprietary company data. The knowledge assistant will help companies boost productivity, improve customer experience, and create tailored business analysis based on company information.

Leveraging a vast array of information from both internal and external sources, while keeping all internal data private and secure, Coral provides bespoke analysis and responses to company-specific questions and challenges. By dramatically improving the speed and accuracy of the information that employees have when developing business analysis, companies will be able to make smarter, better-informed decisions more quickly.

“Coral is the next leap forward, capturing the huge potential of generative AI in a platform that will change how companies and employees do business,” said Martin Kon, Cohere’s President & COO. “Like the internet browser and smartphone before, AI has now reached an inflection point, shifting from an amazing novelty, to something that will fundamentally change how every business operates.”

Next Generation of Generative AI

Expanding well beyond publicly available generative AI tools, Coral has several key advantages that are essential for business use.

First, Coral mitigates the hallucination problems that have proliferated elsewhere in the industry. By providing citations to proprietary, internal company data, as well as publicly available sources, employees can verify the validity and interpretation of the information and analysis provided. Further, leveraging internal data and technical company resources unavailable to the public trains Coral to use the expertise and private insights that companies have accumulated to provide bespoke analysis, reports, and other tailored information, creating true strategic differentiation for enterprises.

Further, Coral provides far better privacy and security than previous AI solutions. Cohere is cloud-agnostic, giving companies choice about where they store data while leveraging Coral. They have the option of using major cloud providers like Oracle, Amazon, and Google, deploying in Virtual Private Cloud, or even on-prem. This is essential to ensuring that third parties will not have access to the proprietary data being used for internal purposes. Sensitive data will never leave the secure data environment that the company has carefully established.

With 100+ integrations ready to connect to data sources important to businesses across CRMs, collaboration tools, databases, search infrastructure, support systems, and more, Coral is customizable to generate relevant responses tailored to each company’s specific strategic teams.

What Companies are Saying

“Cohere is helping organizations accelerate their AI initiatives with cutting-edge knowledge augmentation capabilities,” says Greg Pavlik, SVP Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. "With our partnership with Cohere, Oracle can provide native generative AI-based features to help organizations use their own data to advance essential business functions, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences.”

"The combination of LivePerson's industry-leading conversational platform and AI with Cohere's Coral will help deliver custom LLMs for customer engagement built on the enterprise's specific needs, goals, policies, and data," says Joe Bradley, Chief Scientist from LivePerson. "Coral's knowledge augmentation capabilities will connect our solutions to additional data sources to keep LLM-powered conversations grounded, factual, and generate outputs that match enterprise needs in real-live use cases"

“We're thrilled for enterprises to be able to seamlessly and securely pair Elasticsearch with Cohere's Coral to achieve better business outcomes," says Matt Riley, General Manager for Search at Elastic. “Elasticsearch AI, coupled with Coral, enables organizations to take advantage of all their structured and unstructured data to increase employee efficiency."

This blog was drafted by Cohere’s Coral knowledge assistant, with additional editing by humans.

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