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Introducing: Cohere For AI
Exploring the unknown, together

Introducing: Cohere For AI


The best and brightest minds in machine learning transcend borders. That’s why we’re excited to announce Cohere For AI, a non-profit research lab and community dedicated to contributing fundamental research in machine learning, working to solve some of the field's most challenging problems. As part of our work, we're committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment that creates more points of entry to participate in machine learning research.

We’re excited to be able to revive the spirit of the original, an international research group founded by the two of us alongside Bryan Li and Sheldon Huang – just a few undergrads (+ a dropout) – as a way to contribute to machine learning research. That same passion lives on through Cohere For AI, with an even more focused team and mission.

We’re thrilled to welcome Sara Hooker to lead this effort as Head of Cohere For AI. With a long track-record of impactful research at Google Brain, she brings a wealth of knowledge from across machine learning. She also founded Delta Analytics, a non-profit that brings together researchers, data scientists, and software engineers to volunteer their skills for non-profits around the world. Throughout her career, Sara has led as a researcher, an educator, and a community builder – it’s such a privilege to have her leading Cohere For AI.

The machine learning field currently has too few points of entry, especially depending on where you are in the world. With Cohere For AI, Sara’s vision is to change how, where and by whom research is done. Cohere For AI represents the opportunity to make an impact in ways that don’t just advance progress on machine learning research, but also create new points of entry into the field.

Our lab will focus on solving today’s complex machine learning challenges––exploring the unknown, together. Our values will be based on the following principles:

  • Fundamental Research – We’re committed to supporting responsible, fundamental research on machine learning topics, while also prioritizing good stewardship of open source scientific practices.
  • Open Collaboration – We’re dedicated to open science and contributing our work regularly to open journals and conferences. Our team has a GitHub where our community can host and contribute code for research projects.
  • Community – Here, we can connect with each other, meet collaborators, and have open discussion and collaboration. We’re excited to support community-driven research and to be shaped by our members' interests.
  • Training and Development – We’ll drive our research by collaborating openly and working alongside research groups from all over the world. We’re committed to investing in programs that create new points of entry to research, especially supporting efforts in regions in the world traditionally underrepresented in machine learning research.

Cohere For AI is community-driven and motivated by the opportunity to create an inclusive, distributed community made up of brilliant researchers and engineers from across the globe. Research communities aren’t built overnight, and we’re excited to welcome participation and contributions from brilliant minds, regardless of where they are.

To learn how to get involved, check out open research positions at, and visit Cohere For AI. You can also follow us on Twitter at @forai_ml. We can’t wait to explore together.

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