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How Startups Can Use NLP to Build a Competitive Moat

How Startups Can Use NLP to Build a Competitive Moat



This NLP Jumpstart Series outlines how startups can use natural language processing (NLP) to build a competitive moat.

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Startups need all the advantages they can get as they strive to get a foothold in the marketplace. One such advantage they can use is unstructured language data. In all the content that people create on a daily basis–chats, email, social media, reviews, even customer service logs and contracts–there are insights to be mined and efficiencies to be found, if only companies have the right tools to unlock language data.

Natural language processing (NLP) is the key, but up until now, this key has been held by only the largest companies that could afford the compute power and AI/ML engineers with the skills to train the large language models (LLMs) that NLP relies upon to understand language. Today, all that is changing, with more accessible and powerful NLP that can be used by businesses of any size.

In our recent NLP Jumpstart Series, “How Startups Can Use NLP to Build a Competitive Moat,” we explore how language AI can fundamentally transform how startups can leverage LLMs to build products and experiences.

Watch the full video replay below, or continue reading for some key takeaways from this NLP Jumpstart session.

What Is NLP?

Learn what NLP is and where it sits within the broader category of artificial intelligence.

Why Aren’t More Businesses Developing With NLP?

Building large language models that can understand language at a human level is extremely difficult. It requires a particular set of ML engineering and modeling skills, a ton of computing power, and access to large volumes of data.

How Cohere and Google Cloud Provide a Powerful, Accessible NLP Solution

Google Cloud and Cohere are working together to bring powerful NLP to all companies and developers. Our mission is to make it accessible, easy, affordable, and safe for any company looking to build an NLP solution. Google Cloud brings the technology and Cohere brings the machine learning expertise to your company.

Streamlining NLP Development for Startups

Cohere’s endpoints are specific operations that your developers can use to classify, search, summarize, generate, extract, and cluster text. They power a range of business processes, such as content moderation, customer support, and generating marketing copy, allowing your startup to build with NLP much more quickly and economically.

Creating a Generator API

In this demonstration, learn how Cohere’s co-founder Nic Frosst used Cohere and a third-party text-to-image API to create a generator for the card game, Magic the Gathering. Learn more about Urza’s AI in our blog.

View a Demo of the Cohere Playground

Watch this demonstration to learn how simple it is to work with and fine-tune Cohere models and endpoints for your startup’s needs.

NLP offers a wealth of opportunities for startups building with language AI to create efficiencies, develop differentiated products, and get to market faster. With Cohere, you can achieve all of that and integrate NLP quickly with no model training required.

Ready to get started building with LLMs? Learn more about developing content with Cohere and sign up for a free Cohere account to start building.

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