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Cohere's Command Model Now Available on Amazon Bedrock

Cohere's Command Model Now Available on Amazon Bedrock


Cohere's Command model is now available on Amazon Bedrock, allowing AWS customers to access Command as an API, eliminating the need to manage the underlying infrastructure and ensuring that sensitive information remains securely managed and protected.

Command is Cohere's flagship generative large language model (LLM) that follows instructions. It offers versatility across various industries and is optimized for business use cases. Developers use Command to integrate generative capabilities such as text generation, text summarization, and chat into their apps and workflows.

Amazon Bedrock is AWS's fully managed service to build generative AI applications, simplifying development while maintaining privacy and security. AWS customers can now add generative AI using Cohere’s Command to a wide variety of use cases such as:

  • Content Creation: Content creators often use text-generation models to automate the generation of articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and social media updates. Command can efficiently produce high-quality, relevant content, saving time and effort.
  • News Summarization: In the fast-paced world of news, Command’s text summarization capability helps readers quickly grasp the key points of a news article without having to read the entire piece. It aids in staying informed about current events efficiently.
  • Virtual Assistants: These assistants can automate routine administrative tasks, schedule meetings, answer FAQs, and assist with data retrieval. They enhance productivity by freeing employees to focus on more strategic and complex responsibilities.

Generative AI for Enterprise Environments

The availability of Cohere's Command model on Amazon Bedrock provides AWS customers with generative AI capabilities for secure enterprise environments.

Simplified Access to LLMs

Customers can easily access Command and incorporate AI features into their applications and workflows without the need to train models or build the infrastructure required for deploying and managing LLMs.

Data Privacy

With Command on Amazon Bedrock, customer data remains securely managed and protected. AWS provides enterprise-grade security and privacy tools integrated into the Amazon Bedrock environment, enabling encryption, access control, and privacy.

Scalable Deployments

Amazon Bedrock is optimized for AI workloads, with high-performance compute, storage, and networking resources. It’s fully managed, which makes it easy to deploy Command at scale.

Model integrity

Cohere’s models are trained from scratch from known, purchased, or public domain data sources and are subject to extensive adversarial testing and bias mitigation.

Getting Started

To dive in, visit the Command on Amazon Bedrock page. Stay tuned for more updates on when additional Cohere models will be added to Amazon Bedrock!

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