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Cohere’s Enterprise AI Models Coming Soon to Microsoft Azure AI as a Managed Service


In connection with Microsoft Ignite, Cohere announced that its flagship enterprise AI model, Command will soon be available through the Azure AI Model Catalog and Marketplace. This marks the first time that Azure customers will be able to access Cohere’s industry-leading enterprise AI technology as a managed service.

The collaboration will bring Cohere’s English and multilingual offering to Microsoft Azure customers, enabling companies to leverage Cohere’s AI technology on a global scale, across different regions and languages. Additionally, Microsoft Azure AI customers will now be able to use Cohere’s models without having their data leave the Azure cloud.

"Bringing Command as a Service to Microsoft Azure is an important step forward in our goal of meeting our customers where their data lives," said Jaron Waldman, Cohere's Chief Product Officer. "With so many Azure customers working to scale their GenAI prototypes toward production there's an immediate need for highly efficient, accurate model options.The ability to access Cohere’s enterprise models seamlessly on Azure makes it easy for them to scale AI affordably and transform their businesses."

“We offer the most cutting-edge models in our Azure AI Model Catalog and are delighted we will soon offer Cohere’s Command model as a service to our customers," said Eric Boyd, CVP of Azure AI Platform at Microsoft. “Cohere’s multilingual models offer developers more choice in how they build Generative AI apps to fit a wide variety of needs.”

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