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Cohere’s Accelerator Program Welcomes New Participants!

Cohere’s Accelerator Program Welcomes New Participants!


At Cohere, we strive to give technology language. Since the launch of the Cohere Accelerator Program last May, we’ve found enormous success in supporting ambitious startups to effectively leverage powerful language AI in their tech stack.

Today, we are excited to introduce a few of our newest Accelerator participants: Add Value Machine, IngestAI, and Questflow! These companies are all working to solve a variety of challenges across the LLM space, from maintaining enterprise compliance to developing AI-driven workflow automation. We are excited to support their efforts over the next six months and look forward to seeing how they will use language AI to drive growth and innovation in their respective industries.

Meet some of our latest participants:

Add Value Machine (AVM)

“A secure and compliant generative AI platform”

With the AVM platform, enterprises can leverage generative AI tools more securely and in a compliant manner while ensuring that private data is never compromised. AVM helps to reduce the risk of sensitive data being leaked through generative AI tools.


“Generative AI application ecosystem: helping businesses to reduce time-to-value and costs of AI-driven automation by 70%”

IngestAI is a no-code platform built for both non-technical and technical users to create sophisticated Al apps that empower productivity — all with intelligent automation of business workflows at scale and remarkable speed.


“A marketplace for AI agents in workflows”

Questflow is a marketplace for AI agents in workflows, helping users to find and use AI agents for cross-platform workflow automation. Questflow also helps creators to customize, distribute and monetize AI agents in workflows, without coding experience.

What is the Cohere Accelerator Program?

Cohere’s rapidly expanding customer base includes a broad range of users and businesses, from individual developers to some of our largest enterprise customers, such as Spotify and Jasper. The business world’s appetite and excitement for language AI has truly never been greater, yet we frequently see smaller businesses and startups grappling with how best to approach and adopt natural language processing (NLP) within their organizations. Recognizing this need, we designed the Cohere Accelerator Program to give these teams a head start.

One of the most common feedback themes that we receive from enterprise customers is that our in-house experts help them to move further faster. We’ve seen this experience benefit some of our startup customers as well. CEO of HyperWrite Matt Shumer recently closed their Series B highlights how the Cohere team has supported their growth:

“Having Cohere's team as an extension of ours lets us go 10x faster."

With a focus on 1:1 support, collaboration, and beta access to our latest offerings, the Accelerator Program will help startups rapidly drive production-ready deployments. Accelerator customers will receive ongoing, in-depth advice from the experts at Cohere, discounted usage, and the opportunity to participate in exclusive beta access programs.

Why Join the Accelerator Program?

The Accelerator Program offers startups the same level of support and collaboration as our enterprise clients. By leveraging Cohere's expertise and resources, including discounted usage, you can expedite development and concentrate on your core product, enabling a quicker market launch.

Who Should Apply?

We’re looking to partner with companies that have exciting language AI use cases and want to adopt these technologies within the core of their business. Your company could be a great fit if:

  • You’ll aim to make the most of the access to our team and push to adopt our technology quickly within your products
  • You’ll be willing to offer us detailed feedback on our products and on your experience with the program. We pride ourselves on offering an incredible user experience, and we want to make sure that we understand the areas in which we can improve
  • You’re willing to experiment with Beta products in order to get to market first with the latest technologies
  • The program, whilst discounted, is chargeable and so may not suit very early-stage startups

Interested? Get Started!

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