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Cohere’s Command R Enterprise Model Coming to

Cohere’s Command R Enterprise Model Coming to


The NVIDIA API catalog will also host non-profit Cohere For AI’s open-source Aya model, targeting underrepresented languages and cultures 

We’re proud to announce Cohere’s newly-launched RAG-optimized Command R model, designed for businesses to get into large-scale production, is coming to the recently launched NVIDIA API catalog. The catalog, available at, is a collection of performance-optimized API endpoints for developers to experience, build POCs, and easily deploy in production on their preferred platforms with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. As NVIDIA expands its efforts to deliver powerful AI software for enterprise customers, we are pleased to further deepen our collaboration. 

Command R is our generative AI model purpose-built for business use, which focuses on scalability, RAG, and integrating with various development tools such as APIs, search engines, and databases. It features a 128k context length and enables production-scale AI for enterprise. The model excels at 10 major languages of global business and works in concert with our industry-leading Embed and Rerank models to deliver high efficiency with strong accuracy. 

The NVIDIA API Catalog will also host the Aya model by Cohere For AI, our non-profit research lab. The Aya model is an open-source, multilingual LLM covering 101 languages focused on traditionally underrepresented languages and cultures, and built for AI researchers. 

We are working closely with NVIDIA to optimize both Command R and Aya models to run on NVIDIA NIM microservices designed to accelerate the deployment of generative AI models across the cloud, data center, and workstations.

“We are really proud to have our state-of-the-art models on NVIDIA’s platform. NVIDIA has been a valuable partner, and I’m excited about the future initiatives we will be able to work on together. I encourage developers to try out our new Command R model to see its powerful business use cases,” said Vinod Devan, Global Head of Partnerships at Cohere. 
“AI-powered copilots and applications are helping enterprises gain insights, automate processes and accelerate data-driven decision-making,” said Pat Lee, head of Strategic Enterprise Partnerships at NVIDIA. “Optimized inference is essential for production AI, and Cohere’s models available as NVIDIA NIM microservices can help enterprises scale their AI deployments to drive transformation.”

Cohere maintains a core focus on privacy and data security for our AI technology. After users experience the models on, we want them to take the models where their data is. Cohere models can be fine-tuned on a company’s proprietary data in a secure environment, enabling specialized business solutions. We look forward to helping more businesses leverage AI to transition from proof-of-concept projects to real-world production deployment.

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