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Cohere at Collision 2023

Cohere at Collision 2023


Aidan Gomez and Ivan Zhang take the main stage at Collision 2023.

This past June, some of the brightest minds and hottest technologies came together at the Collision 2023 conference in Toronto. It was a historic year for the tech event with over 36,000 attendees from 118, 1,490+ startups, and hundreds of investors, journalists, and event partners. Among them, the Cohere team was there to showcase our products and contribute our unique perspective and expertise to the conversation about generative AI and its growing impact on the enterprise.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, no worries! We have a quick recap video to give you a sense of the event as Jay Alammar interviews members of AI startups from the show floor.

The Future of AI in the Enterprise

Two of Cohere’s co-founders spoke at the event and shared how AI is transforming the world of work as more and more businesses are tapping into its awesome potential.

Cohere Cofounder & CEO Aidan Gomez sat down with author and commentator Stephen Marche to discuss the next 18 months of AI in the enterprise. They explored how the technology will drive an intellectual revolution in the workforce, similar to the impact of the steam engine on the industrial revolution. Watch the video to learn more.

Aidan also hosted a Q&A session where attendees brought their questions on the risks and benefits of AI. Download the talk track to listen to the full session.

Then, Cohere CTO Ivan Zhang joined Anthony Green of the MIT Technology Review to discuss recent advancements in AI and LLMs. They dove deep into how these technologies will accelerate the next wave of workforce productivity. Watch the video here.

Revolutionizing AI with AWS SageMaker

As part of Cohere’s presence at the event, we hosted a booth in the Amazon Web Services Startup Loft, where we collaborated with the AWS team on demoing Cohere’s integration with Amazon SageMaker. Cohere’s Command model is now part of Amazon SageMaker Jumpstart, a hub for prebuilt machine learning solutions, and developers can access it through Amazon SageMaker Studio. With this integration, Command runs in a fully private environment, ensuring that data remains private and secure, and developers can focus on their business objectives without worrying about infrastructure. Visitors to the Cohere booth experienced first-hand how AWS SageMaker accelerates the development and deployment of AI applications and is a game-changer for organizations aiming to leverage AI technologies through deploying in a private cloud environment.

It’s a Wrap

This year’s Collision may be over, but the conversations are only picking up steam as the interest in generative AI continues to skyrocket. Keep an eye on our events page for more great conferences, meetups, talks, and webinars — we hope you can join us!

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