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Cohere Outlines Enhanced Intellectual Property Legal Protections for Customers

Cohere Outlines Enhanced Intellectual Property Legal Protections for Customers


Cohere has long been committed to protecting customer data, privacy, and safety to help enterprises use our AI with peace of mind. As part of this, Cohere is further outlining how we are providing companies additional protections in the area of intellectual property (IP) protection against infringement claims.

While our commitment to protecting companies against third party claims began before today, we wanted to outline them clearly, and make sure that our customers understand where we stand and our policies on this issue and resolve any questions regarding legal risks with copyright infringement. 

Cohere has always built products with data privacy at the core. We don’t access customers’ data unless they want us to. We offer private LLM deployments and the option to opt out of data sharing

To protect our customers, we are updating our Commercial SaaS Agreement with our Copyright Assurance to provide full indemnification for any third party claims that the outputs generated by our models infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights. This means we will safeguard our customers data and assume responsibility for any legal settlements or judgments that come from these claims. This covers customers in compliance with Cohere’s guidelines and safeguards, including our Responsible Use Guidelines and Restrictions on Use, while using Cohere’s services.

What does this mean in practice? As part of this update, we will indemnify all of our paying enterprise customers that comply with our guidelines and do not intentionally attempt to generate infringing content from any third-party claims that the outputs generated by our models infringe on copyright law. In other words, Cohere is taking responsibility that we have pre-trained our models in a safe and responsible manner, and that our customers can get on with the business of doing their business, rather than worrying about ours.

With this expanded policy, customers will receive increased protections from copyright infringement claims as they are using our AI models and capabilities. This will preserve our customers ownership rights over what they build through use of our technology. 

This marks an important step in our journey to help enterprises leverage the power of Cohere’s AI capabilities. We will continue to deliver for enterprise customers to enhance generative AI’s business impact and increase productivity. We will keep customers updated as the legal and regulatory landscape evolves and work with stakeholders to ensure our approach is in line with the industry standard.

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