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Cohere and McKinsey Announce Strategic Collaboration to Help Enterprises Adopt Generative AI

Cohere and McKinsey Announce Strategic Collaboration to Help Enterprises Adopt Generative AI


Today, we are excited to announce a new strategic collaboration with McKinsey, a global leader in strategy and technology consulting.

Cohere and McKinsey teams will help organizations integrate generative AI into their operations, redefine business processes, train and upskill their workforces, and use this emerging technology to tackle some of the toughest challenges enterprises currently face, and help accelerate business value.

By partnering with Cohere, which is cloud agnostic, McKinsey will offer enterprise AI capabilities to its clients with the cloud provider of their choosing–or even on-prem–reducing friction to implementing the technology, and helping ensure a highly secure and private environment for their proprietary data. This will make it easier for enterprises to integrate the tools and capabilities into their existing technology stack.

Additionally, because data never needs to leave the client's environment, Cohere's technology is highly secure, which is essential for key industries like consumer telco, financial services, professional services (law), manufacturing, government, e-commerce and traditional retail, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and anything that touches personal data.

Cohere's technology will allow McKinsey and its clients to improve search and discovery capabilities across a company's internal documents, enabling employees to find relevant information quickly, improving efficiency and making employees more productive. Beyond this, companies can make dramatic improvements in efficiency in areas like better and faster business analysis, leveraging a wide range of internal data, and helping knowledge workers quickly develop conversational pieces, drawing on information from documents throughout the company.

Beyond current capabilities, we are further developing tools that will be able to automate processes by connecting our models to third-party apps, creating a nearly limitless range of use cases.

The collaboration comes at a time when companies are looking to leverage the enormous potential of LLM and AI more generally. As a leader in strategic and technology consulting, McKinsey is extremely well positioned to help its clients implement systems that use Cohere’s industry-leading enterprise AI technology effectively.

This blog post was drafted using Cohere’s LLM AI tools, with additional fine-tuning by humans.

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