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Cohere and Accenture Collaborate to Accelerate Enterprise AI Adoption

Cohere and Accenture Collaborate to Accelerate Enterprise AI Adoption


Today, Cohere is excited to collaborate with Accenture to bring our state-of-the-art Command and Embed models, and industry leading Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) capabilities to organizations, helping to scale the use of generative AI across the enterprise. 

Lan Guan, Chief AI Officer at Accenture noted in her blog post on the business partnership: “Building on ​Accenture’s $3B investment in AI, we have teamed up with Cohere, a leading AI platform for enterprise, to accelerate how we can help companies incorporate AI into their operations at ​scale, prioritizing​ privacy and security.”

Together, the companies will provide businesses with generative AI solutions powered by Cohere’s flagship proprietary generative LLM (Command) and leading enterprise search technology (Embed, Rerank) to deliver customized business solutions that increase productivity and efficiency for businesses. 

  • Command: Command models have conversational capabilities and are well-suited for text summarization and chat applications. 
  • Embed: Embed models improve search applications through company data and documents and improves retrievals for RAG systems. 
  • Rerank: Rerank is a powerful tool to perform semantic search allowing users to return more relevant and accurate results.

Early successful projects have included powering Accenture’s knowledge agent built for its Finance and Treasury teams with Cohere’s Command model. Cohere’s model enables accurate summarization for the agent which helps its teams to detect financial variance and make better decisions. The solution then sends customized alerts and chat notifications to make its global treasury operations team more efficient. 

Cohere’s models are supported by advanced RAG capabilities, which connect the LLM to datastores in real-time to provide more timely and accurate information. This helps to address enterprise concerns with generative AI adoption by mitigating hallucinations and providing easy access to citations for information. 

Cohere will be working closely with Accenture to offer its clients AI tailored solutions to meet their specific business needs. Businesses will be able to work with Cohere to build customized models with fine-tuning based on domain-specific knowledge and proprietary training datasets. With this business partnership, Cohere will also leverage Accenture’s cloud, data, and industry expertise to build the most effective business solutions. This technology has already demonstrated great potential in a range of sectors from financial services and technology to retail, healthcare, and more. 

Enterprises are moving past the experimentation phase with generative AI and are looking for experienced AI platforms to help implement and scale the technology to drive real business value. This collaboration is another step in Cohere’s approach to ensure enterprise customers can easily embed our leading AI technology with access to all major cloud providers in a secure environment that protects data privacy. 

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