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Announcing the Cohere For AI Research Grant Program

Announcing the Cohere For AI Research Grant Program


Cohere For AI is Cohere’s research lab— we are committed to driving meaningful progress in machine learning research through open collaboration, and we believe empowering different perspectives ensures responsible innovation. In alignment with this mission, we are excited to foster greater coordination between academic researchers and industry, through the launch of the Cohere For AI Research Grant Program.

Cohere For AI research grants are designed to support academic partners who are conducting research with the goal of releasing a peer-reviewed scientific artifact. Our program provides academic partners, developers, researchers, and other members of our community with subsidized access to the Cohere API. This enables third-party institutions and academic partners to benchmark performance on large-scale models using Cohere’s API.

Collaborative research is critical to advancing the field of Generative AI. We are excited to support the broader research community’s critical role in stewarding the development of safer, more capable technology. We are interested in supporting requests for API access that enable data for good applications of large language models (LLMs), and/or responsible use of LLMs. We also look forward to supporting a varied set of research questions and learning from the findings of our academic partners.

If you’re interested in applying to the Program, please fill out an application explaining your research and/or use case. Our application asks for context on you, your research and goals, the models you’d like to study, and other details that will help us understand your project.

Looking forward to exploring the unknown, together. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to email

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