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Cohere Brings its Enterprise AI Offering to Amazon Bedrock

Cohere Brings its Enterprise AI Offering to Amazon Bedrock


Today, Cohere announced the expansion of its collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to extend the availability of its foundational AI models to Amazon Bedrock. The move brings Cohere’s industry-leading enterprise AI technology to Amazon Bedrock–a fully managed service that makes pre-trained foundation models accessible via an API–which will enable customers to build, deploy, and manage AI solutions more easily.

As part of this collaboration, Cohere’s flagship Command model will be available on Amazon Bedrock. Command is a text generation model trained for business applications such as summarization, copywriting, dialogue, extraction, and question answering. Cohere will also make its text understanding Embed model, which can be used for search, clustering, or classification tasks across 100+ languages available on Amazon Bedrock.

"Cohere is pleased to expand our collaboration with AWS to offer our foundational AI models on Amazon Bedrock," said Saurabh Baji, SVP of Engineering at Cohere. "We aim to provide our customers with the greatest possible flexibility in ways to access our technology. We are excited to enable AWS customers with the ability to leverage our technology now as a serverless API offering on Amazon Bedrock."

“We built Amazon Bedrock to be the easiest way for customers to build and scale their generative AI applications with foundation models, democratizing access for all builders," said Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Database, Analytics, and Machine Learning at AWS. "One of the things our customers love the most about Amazon Bedrock is the wide variety of industry-leading foundation models they can access using a single API. By working with Cohere to bring their Command and Embed models to Amazon Bedrock, customers have access to powerful new foundation models optimized for a wide range of practical business use cases, such as summarization and question answering.”

In January, Cohere began offering its pre-trained generation language model on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart—a machine learning (ML) hub that provides access to algorithms, models, and solutions so customers can quickly get started with ML. The expanded cooperation to Amazon Bedrock allows a wider range of companies to take advantage of Cohere's technology on AWS. The agreement with Amazon Bedrock is part of Cohere's overall strategy to meet customers where they store their data, providing enterprises with cloud choice.

This blog was drafted by Cohere’s Coral knowledge assistant, with humans providing additional editing and real quotes.

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